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  1. You couldn't pay me enough to do this why would go back to autocad and we have chief. You asking us to go back to paper and pencil after learning Chief...NOT GOING TO HAPPEN..
  2. Hi, guys, I am working on a small project but I am stump on a little issue which I know should be a simple fix. I can't seem to get my walls above my flat roof to be exterior walls with sidings. Can I get someone to point me to the reason and the solution? here is the file if someone wants to have a look. NB All other advice or if there are any other flaws in my project that anyone viewing my notice and want to point out are welcome as I am still finding my way around chief. 1007_ASHY_GROVE_NEW.plan
  3. Good day, I am Richard and I am in Jamaica and would like to give your offer a try. Please let me know if the offer is still open or you already.
  4. I am interested hence I sent you a PM
  5. Hey if you don't mind someone doing it remotely then I would love to take a look at what you have.
  6. Can someone tell me why chief will not frame a deck in this location, it will if I put the deck elsewhere on the plan but just not in this location where it is. It will label it as a deck space but I have not created framing hence in 3D view it is empty. I will attach the file for more detail of what I am talking about. Beatie Ave.plan
  7. Hi kajagam can this be a remote position as I am in Jamaica but would be interested in working with you. Please give consideration and get back to me.
  8. Hi Greetings, I am in Jamaica and i think i am fully capable of carrying the task you are seeking help with. Please contact me at email. at r_a_pearson@hotmail.com or 1876 543-4133. if you would you would like to give me the opportunity to work with you.