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  1. Here's a video I made of how to delete those entries in case anyone is having a hard time figuring it out.
  2. That's one way that I've seen to do it. Here's what I found to be a good way to fix the problem while keeping this "feature" turned on in Windows in case disabling FTH causes problems.
  3. I had to go into the registry and delete some entries to fix this. The same thing happened to me because my video card drivers were not up to date so make sure to update your drivers. Here's a video I made fixing this problem.
  4. Where do you suppose I start in order to figure out the best solution? My 3D fine until I make a change. Would that mean I need to upgrade my CPU?
  5. I've always had a problem with speed the more complex the design becomes. I've taken a lot of different advice on this issue and nothing seems to make a significant difference.
  6. You import your door symbol that is in a format that CA recognizes. Then you put a door in a wall, select the door, open the door object (double click or ctrl+e) and then navigate to "Door Style" and click on "Library" to find the door you imported into the file.
  7. Have dimension extensions and markers frustrated you lately? Me too! That's why I made this video. Hopefully this helps someone.
  8. That's what I usually end up doing after I've got all the dimensions adjusted. I don't like drawing CAD lines for extensions, but others have suggested the same thing. Maybe that's the quickest route.
  9. I just did the suggestion. If you have a better way of explaining this to them, then go ahead and take a stab at it. They always seem confused when I bring this to their attention because they don't seem to be able to re-create the problem. Here's the link.
  10. That works great when there's an extension to modify, but when the extension isn't even there, dragging it is pointless. A non-existent extension line doesn't show up by editing the extension line as one would think. It just stays non-existent.
  11. Chief pretty much said the same thing. Sometimes it's unavoidable. We like to put a lot on notes in our plans and make them as legible as possible. One thing that is not normal behavior is the missing extension lines in the center of walls. It doesn't always happen, but it happens too often. At times, going too far beyond the exterior walls when drawing the dimension causes this. At other times, it's just random. Does that ever happen to you? Anyone else?
  12. How do you set marker defaults in End to End Dimensions or Point to Point dimensions? Is there such a setting? I always have to open the dimension and manually change the marker settings. The problem that I'm having is extension lines for Manual Dimensions don't display in exterior openings which are perpendicular to dimensions. What I end up doing is cutting the Manual Dimension string and doing a Paste Hold Position. Then I modify the marker from there. What am I doing wrong? Here's a video of what I mean.
  13. The name of the video is a little misleading. There's not really a sea-level marker. What you do is just think of the grade level marker as the sea level instead of the grade level. At the same time, you have to think of the terrain as the grade level. I named it "sea level marker" to make it easier for people to find. You're welcome and thanks for the reply. (I ended up changing the name to "How to Change Grade Level in Chief Architect X10")
  14. I know it's been a while since this has been posted. What CA really needs is a sea level option when setting up dimensions. Maybe this answers your question? I know this would have helped me in some way.
  15. I used the same pattern that's on the wainscot on the wall. I would think It should be showing up. I have attached the plan file. Scratch_default_(6411R).plan
  16. Any pattern I use only shows up in standard view. I have a column with a tapered stone base. I used a 3D molding polyline to create the stone base. Am I doing something wrong or is that just how the program works?