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  1. I didn't have any issue selecting your porch. Your invisible walls are defining your porch size, you can't select them because it looks like you have the layer turned off. If you turn the invisible walls layer on, so you can see your walls, you will see that they're not lined up with your foundation wall correctly either. The dashed line is a reflection of your roof/ceiling not being built correctly. If you put your plan into a full overview and look up under the porch, you'll see your rafters are showing through your ceiling. You could drop your ceiling height to 8' and your 'dashed lines' will go away.
  2. I've never been able to put a foundation under any of my porches either. Seems like it should at least be an option. What if you keep the room type as 'porch', but define the room type function to 'Deck' in the DBX? Then you can toggle on your ceiling & roof as well? It doesn't fix the issue of not having the option to put a foundation under it, but you'd at least have piers & footings...
  3. If you're talking about the inner dimensions, just go back into your story pole defaults and under 'general', toggle off the 'Inner Dimension' option.
  4. You need to select 'Marker Format' and change the Accuracy to 'smallest fraction'... then set the units to '-", if ft, inches is the format you want to see. I had to reapply the story pole to allow the changes to show up (if they don't instantly change for you).
  5. I'll look into it for sure, I can see how it would save some serious time. Thanks!!
  6. Well shoot. Clearly its me. I've never had much luck with the auto build feature, but I don't really use it ever, and I highly doubt I'm doing it right
  7. Yes! Thanks so much David, the roof/line breaks worked perfectly! Thank you!
  8. Auto-Build gives me an extensive roof system, which I don't really need/want. So, I just drew these two manual systems, but for whatever reason, where those two planes touch, it erases my fascia on each one. I'm somewhat (>2 years) new to chief, but thought maybe it was something simple that I was over looking, or (better chance) didn't know about.
  9. Hello, I've seem to run into an issue with a current project. I have a house with one gable roof that shares a wall with the garage, which has a second gable roof. At one point on these roof planes, they intersect, and I lose my fascia on each plane, and can see inside the roofs themselves. I feel like there is some simple solution to this, but can't seem to figure it out. (Yes, this was previously posted, but I mistakenly posted via boss's account, which does no good, considering I run the program, not him! XD) Thanks! Shelby