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  1. In This Video, we import a civil engineers dwg site plan into chief. We learn how to make sure we import at scale and edit as necessary then change the line types and colors so we can read it and scoot around the site block to locate building within the setbacks.
  2. In this video, we use the Spline Topo Tool to create a topographical 3D model for the study of the Site It's not so bad it's Easy Peasy. just remember that the spline line must go past the edge of the Terrain Perimeter. Check your Spline lines for connection and calling out of the right height that you want to be indicated.
  4. This is how I handle 2D editing situations. 2D OVERLAY 2.mp4
  5. Greenshell


    Kitchen Images
  6. Tips on building a Second Floor Addition Frame wall over a Brick Veneer Wall.
  7. Good Point. the Case of the Underground Garage.
  8. Hey Guys, Check out this Answer on our Yout Tube Channel:
  9. Chief User since Chief Architect was put on Market.