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  1. Vancouver Island, Just across the pond from you. Feel free to message me and I can give you contact information and portfolio images.
  2. Stale post, but from Vancouver Island! Chief'ing for about a year, still lots to learn.
  3. I shall do that. As a newer user, these bugs can be confusing to say the least!
  4. Hi there Solver, I placed a sidelight from the SIMPSON Door company Library Add-on., and ended up with what looks like a bifold? Not what I wanted, but I'll just create my own after trying to toggle the settings into a fixed door... Just isn't happening, unless there's a trick for making those work?
  5. Hey there, Happy Wednesday everyone. New to the forums here, and the version of x9. Just curious if my sidelights will always appear as bi-fold doors when placing them into a plan, or if there's a step I am overlooking while creating a nice looking entry way? Thanks in advance.