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  1. AnotherRealm

    Designer/Drafters in Olympia WA area

    Vancouver Island, Just across the pond from you. Feel free to message me and I can give you contact information and portfolio images.
  2. AnotherRealm

    Western Canada User Group

    Stale post, but from Vancouver Island! Chief'ing for about a year, still lots to learn.
  3. AnotherRealm

    Sidelights appear as Bi-folds?

    I shall do that. As a newer user, these bugs can be confusing to say the least!
  4. AnotherRealm

    Sidelights appear as Bi-folds?

    Thank you kindly Solver!
  5. AnotherRealm

    Sidelights appear as Bi-folds?

    Hi there Solver, I placed a sidelight from the SIMPSON Door company Library Add-on., and ended up with what looks like a bifold? Not what I wanted, but I'll just create my own after trying to toggle the settings into a fixed door... Just isn't happening, unless there's a trick for making those work?
  6. AnotherRealm

    Sidelights appear as Bi-folds?

    Hey there, Happy Wednesday everyone. New to the forums here, and the version of x9. Just curious if my sidelights will always appear as bi-fold doors when placing them into a plan, or if there's a step I am overlooking while creating a nice looking entry way? Thanks in advance.