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  1. We have both Intel and AMD machines. X13 noticeably runs slower on both machines than X12. X13 on the Intel machine crashes periodically when just working on a plan by itself and more often when the layout is open on one of the other monitors. The crashes are not exactly reproducible but always occur when sending or updating elevations or camera views with shadows turn on to layout. The program hangs for about 20 seconds and either recovers or crashes. On reopening the files it only looses back to the last saved point. Save Often. I have not tested sending elevations to layout on the AMD machine. It is a much sportier machine.
  2. I've have a good grip on keyboard macros and the whole delay process. I'm currently am using a Corsair K95 RGB Keyboard with 18G keys times 3 for a total of 54 keys, it's awesome. I'm also running a Corsair Mouse. The mouse and keyboard run under their iQUE software. I can map a key to mouse movement and picks but have limited results. It seems to have some difficulties using the mouse, basically unreliable and kinda scary sometimes not knowing what it's going to pick on. Not sure why but running 3 4k monitors seems to effect its accuracy.
  3. Is there anyway to access the Saved Plan View Control pull down via a keystroke or some other method? I would like to access it via a keyboard Macro. My goal is to set up a series of keys that will select the save plan views. Example: Foundation, Floor 1, Floor Framing, Roof Framing etc. Bill
  4. Is there and up to date help for the Send to Layout Dialog Box. The Help in the DBX is for X11 not X12. I am looking for some clarification on the 'Link Saved Plan View () check box. Basically what it means to be checked and unchecked.
  5. Thanks for the quick response. It was staring me in the eye the whole time.
  6. So far I am unable to find the equivalent of Annotations sets in layout. My default layout has Layer sets for all the different sheet sizes and the Annotation sets allowed control of what went on what layers. I don't want to go back to layout templates for each sheet size. Below is an image of my X11 Layout Annotation sets in the pull down. I understand how the saved plan views work in Plan and why the dropped the Annotation sets. Tell me I'm just not seeing it in Layout.
  7. Thanks to both of you. I am aware of both of these methods. I was really hoping I was missing something that had been staring at be all the time and never saw it. Bill
  8. How do you get Chief to do a half tread at top of stairs. I need to frame my stairs like the attached image. I sifted through the posts but came up empty. Bill
  9. If you un-select group similar objects it will work but that has repercussions as well.
  10. I don't know where to report bugs anymore, so here goes... 1.) If I have my Schedule in a cad detail open on another monitor and add or deleted a note in the plan on main monitor it does not always update the schedule. It requires moving the screen, that is, pan or zoom or moving the schedule. 2.) Feature Request: Allow a different font size for the schedule main title. 3.) Feature Request: Allow the note to be rotated including the text inside the note. 4.) Feature Request: the ability to add a name to the note that displays when adding it to the library. Currently when adding the note to the library its name is note.
  11. I'm liking the feature allot. Making it configurable in the annotation sets is excellent. Annotation sets rule, add more to them.... I use these in my beam and header schedule and often need to rotate a few bugs vertically or at an angle. I was using the Callouts for this which you could block and then rotate as needed. Not so with the note. Can they be made to rotate? See image below. Also, if you copy a note to another location and change the new notes label number it will not add it to the schedule, that is, B1 to B2. You must change the text in the new copied note to make it appear in the schedule. Bill
  12. Nope. Still on Will update to the latest... Thanks for the heads up. Bill
  13. Reluctantly, I am agreeing with Richard. I called some door MFG's and builders to see how they define door swing to find a huge can of worms. Out of all the methods I heard, the one I liked the best was "stand in the doorway (door open) with your back against the hing side, if the door is on your left, it's left and vise versa for right". No idea how you do a slider or bi-fold. I'm staying with my previous method, see image. Windows...... Yikes.... It seems most of the MFG's use the system of being outside looking at the house to determine operable side. Some use LS (Left Operable), RS (Right Operable). Or X, O with the X being the Operable side. Casements....Never asked. Best I can tell, Chief has the R and L sliding backwards to the label on the plan view if using the "Standing outside" method. See image. Bill
  14. Is there a way to get the graphic in a door schedule to show the other side of the door. I turned on the open indicators to show the hinge edge but that can be misinterpreted depending on which side of the door your on, or what side of the casing the door is on. In the attached image it shows the hing side of the door on the 2068 doors and the opposite side on the 2668 doors. If I send this the the door company are they likely to mess this up, I think so. I would like to show the hing side on all the doors. I marked the hinges on the 2068 doors with a red line because they are hard to see in the graphic. And yes, if the plan graphic could be used this would not be a problem. Bill