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  1. As it turns out I've been using and updating that template since version 10 so I guess some issues should be expected I ran this one by the SSA team and their recommendation was to abandon the old template. They suggested I start over. It was quite time consuming. I used one of the sample plans from X8 to begin with then recreated all my wall types, layer sets and annotation sets from scratch so that I wouldn't accidentally import any of the old problems. Not looking forward to doing that again on future upgrades. Maybe I'll wait for another half dozen upgrades before I need to worry about it. I took the opportunity to fine tune my Layer and Annotation Sets and everything is working well now. The end result is much more efficient than before.
  2. This is the last post I will make on this item. I don't like to be difficult and we will all get used to it but the roofing is a material not a structural element. Why would you not have the option to change the roof material with every other material that makes up the roof instead of hiding it away in a separate "structure" tab? Yes, being able to select the thickness and material together is nice but so are options.
  3. This one falls under the heading of "Counterintuitive". Let's have the roof material selection back in the "roof materials specification" and in the "Edit all roof planes" option. Common Chief, I've been bracing on you but you dropped the ball on this change.
  4. That's not the problem. When I have all the layers showing in the "Active Layers Dialogue" or the "Layer Display Options", not just he active layers, that layer is missing from the list in some of my layer sets but there in others. If I try to add it to one of the sets that it doesn't appear in, I get a message that it already exists even though it is not on the list. I thought all layers should be visible in the list of every "Set" just different properties and on/off settings to get the views you want. I'm getting some layers visible in the list of some sets and not in others.
  5. Okay, Thanks. I delete one of the layers I created and then rename it to that to get rid of it. I'll change it back to it's default.
  6. Strange! While trying to work it out I found a couple of other "Layer Set" issues. If I switch my layer set to the CAD set, "Cad 10 " will show up. If I draw some lines with that layer, when I go back to my "Architectural Set" the lines are still there, CAD 10 is not in my Layers list and the lines are now on Layer CAD 12. If I go back to the Cad Set, the lines are back on Cad 10. Not sure what's going on there either. Also If I go to my "Site Plan Set" my title block layer turns off. If i try to turn it back on in the Layers Dialogue it shows that that layer is not used. I'm on a Mac Pro. Do you think it could be something related to the Mac Version?
  7. Awesome, Thanks Michael! That worked for all but one of them. "Z 11" still won't go away but i'm good with that. Nice to have pros on the case. don
  8. I have a layer issues that I don't know how to fix or even how it happened. I created some layers called Cad 2, Cad 4, Cad 6 and so on. The one I made for "Cad 10" does not show up in my "Layers Dialogue Box" but when I try to add it, the program tells me it already exists and won't let me add it. I'm not sure why it's not showing up but it's not. A sample file with the issue is attached if anyone would like to investigate. Thanks Layer Cad 10.plan
  9. Ibuttery, Good suggestion. I'll keep that in mind for future imports. But for now any advice on how to get rid of these current, unwanted, layers. See file on previous post.
  10. Here is a sample file that has some unused layers that I cannot delete. Can someone please check to see if it's just me. I'm usually pretty good at solving these types of issues but this one has me stumped. The layers are from previous imports and I have renamed them Z... to get them out of the way. Cant delete layers.plan
  11. I see my attachment is just text. Don't see how to add the file?
  12. I have this same issue but I cannot remove the superfluous layers. The layers I am trying to delete are also a result of DWG imports. They act like they are system layers and the delete option is not available in the "Layer Display Options" box. I have a title block plan that has all my settings the way I like them and I use it to start new files and update it as I work on new projects. The list of unwanted layers is ever growing and I would like to get rid of them. The methods discussed above have not worked for me. I'm using X8 on a Mac but the problem has persisted through several upgrades. I have attached a sample file in which I have renamed the layers z through z15 just to get them out of the way as you will see. I also added some layers manually. Some will not let me delete them, others will. I thought maybe I copied a system layer and renamed it and thought that might be the reason they would not allow me to delete them. Any assistance would be appreciated. file:///Users/Don/Desktop/temp.plan
  13. Thanks UMBuilder. The scroll issue was driving me nuts. "Command Key + Left mouse button" Sanity restored.
  14. If I import a "jpg" image file into a plan and then rotate it in any increment other 90 degrees from it's original orientation, the image disappears. The image can still be selected but it is not visible any longer, nor will it print. Have any of you run into this problem?