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  1. Need design work through teleworking and sending plans back and forth to the client? I have worked with other designers, architects, design/builders and homeowners developing and completing house designs. Please contact me if interested. INTRAMUROS DESIGN - Walker T. Candler Award Winning Architectural Designer with 30 years of design experience * House plans, Additions and Renovations * Site Planning and Master Plans * Kitchen and Bathroom Design * Chief Architect User ver. 3.0-X11 * Quality and detail oriented Contact: www.intramurosdesign.com walker@intramurosdesign.com
  2. I'd be glad to take a look at it. I do a good bit of remote work with other architects, designer/builders, contractors, etc.Please contact me if interested.
  3. As people have mentioned it is a bit more complicated than just print out a set of plans. I'd be glad to take a look at what you have and give you some feedback and quote. I have done a good deal of design development completion remotely.
  4. Walker

    Jeff Koch

    I'd be glad to look at your project. I do a good deal of remote work including work in Texas and other states helping design/builders finish their plans and make changes to existing plans. Please contact me if interested.
  5. I've done remote work in N.C. as well as several other states working on clients plans to finish them or solve problems with them they can't solve. Please contact me if interested. You can visit my website to see some of my work.
  6. Walker

    Need a designer to do plans

    I have sent you a PM just now
  7. Walker

    Need help editing home plans

    Just sent you a PM, please reply if interested
  8. Sent you a pm. I am in Georgia as well and can usually provide a quick turnaround on projects such as yours as I done a good deal of remote work such as yours as well more involved project development. Contact me if interested

  9. I have done several houses in Seaside both new construction and renovations Seaside is next door to Watercolor as you may be aware. I am not licensed and some I did individually and had an local engineer stamp the work and provide the engineering. Some were in collaboration with a local licensed architect that I work well with. If you want to discuss this further let me know.
  10. Michael, Just saw your post, give me call if you are still looking for someone.
  11. Walker

    Outsource design

    I'd love to help you out on your project(s) I do a good bit of remote design/drafting for other designers and design/builders from Florida to Texas and beyond. Please contact me and we can discuss it further. See my website to check out some of my work.
  12. I'd be glad to be of assistance. contact me if interested in discussing your project.
  13. Walker

    Seeking services in San Antonio, Texas

    I"ve been working remotelywith a designer/builder in Texarkana for several years and can help you too. Contact me if interested.
  14. I replied to you post and sent you an example of my work. Contact me if you are interested.
  15. Walker

    Houston, Texas Designers

    I have been the Chief Architect designer for a design/builder in Texarkana,Tx for several years and would be glad to discuss the project with your client.