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  1. No, Rob there is no one out there., and there has not been anyone since 1988, when I first tried to get people together. David says it is my Marine corps personality. Anyone got time to do 10 elevationd on a fixed house design that a builder is locked into? 8178018100. Norm driscoll
  2. Joe, I had a cancer patient respond to one of my errant advertisements. Very specific and unusual needs. Requesting a Bay Area designer. Im in Dallas and don't want to know your codes. Can you or someone you know call or text me and I will pass of his information. Norm Driscoll 817-801-8100

  3. Roy, you can see David's comments above. Be happier and ask the local users what they want to learn about. I knew of 3 users. Someone in Rockwell, married to a framer, therefore a structual expert. A stewardess in Fort Worth who was doing images for people. A building official from Kentucky who was drawing for $.25 and picking up plenty of clients from Craigs List. I am using Chief 6, and it is fine. Better 3d than before. Like you I am busy, because I lost all my employees in the crash of 2008, so I have enough business for the few of us left. If you get a group together, I would be interested in attending your meeting. Norm 817.801.8100
  4. David, thanks for the words. I know your right. I am just too much of a da.. engineer couple that with a Marine get it done attitude, and not a lot of time to beg. Norm
  5. Glad to here there is another Chief user around. Can't help you but I have used students for years and found it to work well. Don't pay health care, they are part time (Mr. President), and when I run low on work thay are glad to get out of here and catch up on their studies. Norm Driscoll, Designet, Arlington
  6. Maybe the most ignored group by the local users. I would certainly like to meet with other users, but am tired of trying.