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  1. Exactly! And it only takes a few minutes to generate... I had a guy who wanted to put an addition on the back of his house and he told me the lot was flat. The lot actually sloped up about 2 feet.
  2. LOL! Try M60 tanks, SP's, 2.5 ton trucks, missile launchers, APC's, etc... the engineers said their algorithm was set up to handle this degree of accuracy. roflmao Imagine parallel parking a over 100 sixty ton tanks to that degree of accuracy. LOL
  3. I understand it may be hard to get absolutes in a dynamic environment... being perfect in an imperfect world could be quite costly... what, with earthquakes, slumps, flashfloods, tectonic plate movement, and those pesky bulldozers... Reminds me of the time two engineers asked me if I set the bearing on the targets to plus or minus 0.0002 of a degree...
  4. If you still need help with this site plan, let me know. I have a program that uses Google Earth data to generate a 3D of the site and I should be able to help you with this. All I should need is the lat long coordinates of one of the property line corners so I can locate it on Google Earth.
  5. I tried "hole in floor platform" and it didn't work on the deck???
  6. Can you cut a hole in the deck?
  7. Shoot! I thought you were going to give dating advice for when you are dating models. ;-) Anyway, I have to run or else I will be late for my appointment...
  8. So you never looked at the free trial before investing? Interesting. What does “with this type of relationship modeling” mean? Thank you for your input.
  9. Hello Steven, I am curious how spending "a few minutes" on the softplan forum made you like chief better? What caught your attention? Thanks!
  10. Here's a couple more software suggestions you may want to take a look at. I have not used Solidbuilder in years but you wanting to see how everything goes together... well, this software should do the job. And I can't believe not one person on the Chief forum didn't mention SoftPlan. SoftPlan would be my choice to do what you want to do with your designing of the houses you posted on pininterest. In SoftPlan, you pretty design it how you are going to build it. Like others have said, you might want to have more than one tool in your tool pouch, if you know what I mean.
  11. This has just started popping up on the last few library updates, Can anyone tell me what it means or what I need to do to get the "lost" libraries to be found on the server?
  12. Master carpenter, master plumber, Master's degree and master builder??? All of them slave owners??? For all the newspeak people, Chief has to go along with the term of architect, which definitely has an air of superiority to it's name. If anyone is really concerned about masters and slaves just take a look at your paycheck deductions and your tax returns... and think it was illegal to collect taxes on free Americans until they passed the 16th amendment in 1913... just a little over 100 years ago. For the first 150 years we got to keep and spend our own money.
  13. Maybe if you could tell us what exactly are you wanting to do with a cad program, we might be able to help you. Are you doing only interiors? 3D modeling? Or full construction documents? Are you working solo? Or do you need group capabilities? Do you plan on doing one of a kind custom homes? Or is your focus going to be remodeling? These are just a few questions that came to mind that might help you in your search for a software solution.
  14. I updated chief this morning and didn’t have a freeze yet today . I was about fed up with this stuff, but life is good again. Anyone else have good results from the last patch update?