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  1. I have an existing conditions plan that the customer wants to add a fireplace and a dormer. Other than a save as drawing is there a way to add them as options on the current plan as an option that can be turned off or on individually or both or do i need 4 drawings?
  2. Went on the website and the Home Designer Pro certainly looks and sounds like a prior version on Chief Architect. Am I not seeing something?
  3. What is the difference between Home Designer and Chief Architect? Other than a major price difference.
  4. It was a corrupt Windows Installer Folder. Had to do a Windows Reset from the cloud (to get a clean version of Windows 11). Windows Tech team got it figured out
  5. Thanks that didn't do it. I'm gonna have to waste the afternoon with tech support.
  6. Had this message pop up. The installer is working properly. I installed 2 other programs to test. Only the X14 update brings this message and won't install. Turned off all anti virus and tune up programs. 2 week old laptop: MSI Crosshair series NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Laptop GPU 8 GB GDDR6 Intel Core i9 12th Gen 12900H (2.50GHz) 32GB Memory 1 TB NVMe SSD Windows 11 Additional info: system has X14 beta installed and have been using it
  7. 11x17 bachmans heck permit plan revised 995.pdf David your test file has no 3d or color work on it. The files we are talking about are presentation drawings. Most of us no longer produce simple line b&w. I'm including a clip from a file that was pdf'ed in x12 last month and needed edits this am. the new file is 2x's plus larger than x12. I hope the powers to be can find time to fix this before the next pottery or sculpture libraries.