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  1. Looking to hire draftsman that is proficient in Chief. We are located in Seguin, Tx. This position is not a remote position. We are a design build firm specializing in Kitchens, bathrooms, & room additions. We are having a hard time finding draftsman that know chief. They all know auto cad. Any suggestions on where we can find Draftsmen / Women?
  2. Looking to hire a Draftsman for our design build firm Located in Central Texas. Every draftsman is proficient in auto cad and little to none are trained up in Chief. Can any one help us hire or find candidates. Seguin, texas is the exact location

  3. YEP. Working on a plan that wasn't saved and program freaking crashed. Is there anyway to find it?
  4. we are in Seguin, Tx. We mainly do kitchens restrooms, and room additions. I do all of the design work but it is taking up too much of my time. How do you for see a project going between you and I? I do the measurements and meet with the clients? and you just do the drafting and organize the layout?
  5. We are a Design build firm in Central texas. Currently I do all of the designs. I am looking to sub out the drafting and layout piece. Essentially we can visit with the clients, get the measurements, photos, then hand of the design to someone. If anyone is interested, I would love to speak to you to figure out the best way to do this