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  1. Long story short, I bought CA around two years ago. Played with it for a while and our business got really busy. I hopped on here and posted a similar thread as this one. Found someone to do some freelance work for us. Unfortunately I received an email from his wife a few months ago informing me he had passed away. His name was Gary Prentice. He was a frequent on here I believe. Really great guy. So I am now looking for another designer to help with some freelance work. I also have an interest in some training to get me a little further along. I'm going to attached a set of plans we recently designed. My father has hand drawn plans for over 35 years. HudsonFinalPlansMay2019.pdf
  2. Thank you all for the responses! I have found someone to do the job... Alex
  3. My father and I are home builders in Knoxville, Tennessee. My father currently hand draws all of our plans. I purchased CA10 a few months ago and have been slowly teaching myself the software. However, we are interested in someone taking an existing house/plan we are building to generate it in CA. I am attaching the existing plans. Feel free to call me. Alex Lawhead Lawhead Custom Homes, LLC 615-498-8706 CreeksideLot19FinalPlans.pdf