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  1. I'm looking for an experienced interior designer at "Southern Coastal/Beach" style architecture. Goal is for classic vintage upscale common areas with themed rooms that pack in a fun filled vacation rental and second home. House is currently designed in Chief Architect 11 and is undergoing engineering. Need assistance with: Detail architecture elements (trim, ceilings, etc Theme development and color pallet (paint, tile, flooring) Lighting/pluming fixture selection
  2. I'm looking for a licensed architect with experience (ten to thirty years) in coastal style (Watercolor Florida - like vintage style) and incorporating engineers piers, hurricane straps, FEMA flooding breakaway walls etc. to finish development, refine plan, and prepare construction plan sets. Gulf of Mexico (Gulf coast) hurricane experience preferred. I'm a novice user and I've used Chief Architect Professional X10 to try to get my vision of vintage style beach in a 3D setting where myself and family members can collaborate on the development and work through design issues prior to turning over to a professional. My goal is to turn the plan over to an experienced architect to incorporate trim and architect elements (exposed rafter tails, exposed rafter support beams, board and bat siding, and other elements) consistent with Watercolor Florida style construction. A high level of trim detail such as built in bunk beds in loft areas, interior lap siding, etc. is anticipated. In addition, architect is to advise on modern lighting, space planning, window (storm rated) selection and other architectural elements, and prepare preliminary and final engineering drawings to adhere to FEMA and Galveston County wind and flood construction requirements. The home is to be built Crystal Beach, Texas. The working relationship envisioned is turn over owner's plans developed to date, get feedback on suggested changes and modifications. Architect to make general clean-up, changes to plans and provide updated plan file in Chief Architect, to facilitate stakeholders (myself and family members) further review and refinements. Architect to finalize plans for Biscayne Beach Home Owner Association approval, subsequent submission to engineer, and incorporate engineer changes. The final construction plans such to facilitate getting fair and comparable bids from builders by providing detail specifications and having sufficient detail to avoid oversights in construction process. Resume, website, and similar information to evaluate and substantiate experience is required. Fees are negotiable. Email
  3. I would like to pay someone to convert a DWG elevation and survey file to the appropriate layered file in Home Design Professional. I'm an amateur and just wanting to draft some basic ideas on paper that I can easily adjustment so i can turn over some basic plans to a professional architect. Since I'm a one time user, I don't want to expend the money to rent or buy the advanced version or expend more time watching videos or trial and error to perfect the process. 17-0080 out to Belt 02-22-2017 (1).dxf 17-0080 out to Belt 02-22-2017.dwg