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  1. Yes that is my point. I want to keep using Chief. But Chief needs to not be investing their resources in any type of rendering tech but rather direct link into much more capable engines. Then in those engines we can place furniture and lighting and textures. Start looking at how Omni Verse is working and you will see that you Keep or CAD program. Revit, ArchiCad etc. but they all link into this and connect Unreal and Unity engines. This way you work in Omni Verse and can use Chief Within Omni Verse to make changes to the Model all with Real Time Graphics. I will put a link. Extending Chief into this way will create a clear path into the future. The competiors already are connecting at this early stage. Without connectors Chief is just going to fall even further behind but not just fall behind. It could be so far that has no future. The time to react is now. Without these tools people are going to run into Movie Quality Graphics in the next couple of years and if we don't have a clear path people are going to start saying those graphics are so 2020.
  2. Hello, So NVidia, Epic Games, Unity and even Facebook among others are trying to define what the future holds for the Meta Verse. Check YouTube out on Nvidia's Omni Verse. It connects everything together to create one environment that Links your CAD, Rendering and materials such as Surface Painter all together live editing in 1 place. We need to be able to take advantage of these tools and connect Chief to these tools and live edit 4k Textures and Mega Scans all in one place. The disadvantage Chief has that it is not making any headway to be connected easily to these tools. The file Formats being used are not able to be "LIVE" edit between these tools. The competition for Chief is making headway to connect directly to them. Twin Motion is now owned by Epic Games and uses Unreal Engine to Render. Omni Verse needs to be able to connect Chief With Unreal Engine or easily connect or Unity. Facebook Meta is developing right now on Unity but will eventually have their own engine. Chief is being left behind because they don't play nice with any of these tools. There is a digital economy being developed. Unity has People selling Digital assets on their marketplace already.
  3. I have been using chief for the last 14 years and it has been an essential part of my custom home business as a designer/builder. One thing that has always been difficult with Chief however was getting good renders out of it for client Presentations and mainly just as a display of work to future clients. Today the common customer runs across super high quality renders and CGI all the time so they have no clue how difficult it is to produce great quality renders. They have no idea how much effort goes into texturing objects and lighting. Chief has always lagged behind in this area however the ease of use and ability to produce construction documents quickly has always outweighed the downside of the presentation side because I could get into another program like Lumion or even Sketchup with plug-ins with exports. However, with the new technologies that are now just coming out. This glaring difference in quality visualization and functionality is about to leave Chief in the dust and my past 14 years of experience with it. NVidia, Unreal, and Unity are releasing tools to make Visualization a seamless process for many other architectural products. I am talking about movie quality real time functionality. Here is the bad part. All these tools are available now you just have to export and then spend a ton of time trying to retexture and relight a scene and as unbearable and time consuming as it is it can be done. These new engines however are going to make the leap from Chief to the functionality of smart textures and lighting so far away from a reasonable amount of time when other packages plug right into them. Why would chief put any resources into a render engine at this point when Unreal and Unity have free versions all the way up to studio versions. All that time needs to be put into compatibility to link up to these technologies. YOU ARE A CONTENT PROVIDER. We need to get this through our heads. There is a new economy evolving and we as Chief Users are about to miss out on an opportunity. If Chief had the ability to seamlessly connect to these new technologies it would provide an opportunity as designers to monetize our content for this new economy. Wouldn't your client who is paying for the design pay even more money if the could buy the "NFT" (please research if your not aware of that). Not only could we receive another fee source this is the ultimate passive income strategy for building wealth for creative people in the near future. As a company looking forward why would a young designer pick up Chief Architect and pay for recurring features when it is a dead end source. When a young person can get paid to design something for a client and if they don't purchase the NFT then the could sell it in an online market place. The time to start this massive change is right now!!! As a software company it is time to follow the trends of all the other companies in this space and make big announcements with well put together video of future abilities. Quit that old world stuff of letting the users know a couple months before you release X.... what the small feature changes are. Time to show us what the roadmap looks like for our skill set. I have invested in Chief For years and it has always been a fair exchange of value between customer and company. However, if the company is going to lead us to a dead end then we simply cannot fund that. Let us know that we should keep investing in you as that is what we are doing. Acknowledge the seismic shift in things that are happening with in the digital world right now and gain some direction. Set forth a plan for the user base. This is a time to Grow Chief Architecture for the future. it is also a risk to be left behind. For the first time ever I let my continuing license expire because I do not see Chief as a company I can keep funding for future development if it is going in the wrong direction. What we need is easy connectivity to Unity and Unreal. We need access to all the tools they have for texturing, lighting. We need to be in a file format such as FBX or USD to take advantage off all the technologies. We need to a direct connection so we can import/export or work directly in these new Tools such as NVidias Meta Verse. We need to be able to make changes and they update instantly. We need a market place where we can sell our digital products instead of sitting waisting away on our hard drives. We need the tools for the future. I write this because I care and I really appreciate the years I have dedicated to learning the software and the business that it has allowed me to create. I am fearful that I have to leave in the near future if direction is not communicated to the user base about the future direction.
  4. Hello, We are a Home Builder North of Houston, Texas looking for someone to help with overflow design work. Most work consists of editing already drawn plans for changes. Please reach out to us at jw@hgwalton.com Thank you, Justin Walton
  5. Hello, I am a builder/designer and I have used Chief Architect for the last 3 years. Our business has grown past the point for me to keep up with our current sales level. I am seeking help in the following way. I am planning to continue the design aspect with my clients. I will work through all there revisions and finalize the design. Where I need help is turning the final design into construction drawings. We are currently on a pace of 2-4 per month and would seek the help of someone that could fit that work load into their time frame. If you could please e-mail me at: jw@hgwalton.com www.hgwalton.com is our website We can set up a Skype call if so desired. Thank you, Justin Walton