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  1. PurdueFan

    Pole barn garage plan design request.

    Thanks for the support comment! No plumbing, interior finishing, basically a nice-looking large shed IMO. That said, still give props to those of you who do home design. I do CAD / CAM for a machine and while some code is complex, machines don't have opinions / feelings. You're designing for an emotional topic / largest investment a person, or couple, makes in their life. Add local codes on top of it, there's a lot of people to make happy. Already using the first link and at the post / footing stage. Attached file is a CA sample download plan, can't edit it in HDP 2019. Would be nice to see settings for various items, make adjustments and see results, apply learned info to my design. Anyone know if there's a sample pole plan that work with HPD 2019? Pole Building.plan
  2. PurdueFan

    Pole barn garage plan design request.

    Appreciate the input everyone. Project needs to mimic the house look, attached picture. L-shaped welcome corner with the same posts might work. Working on a file now to see how it looks.
  3. Amateur user of HDP. Allows me to build for ideas but not for real build plans. Looking for someone to take my HDP idea and create plans. - Detached pole barn style garage, 30' x 40', unfinished inside, concrete pad, 2 garage bays. - Located in Ohio. - Can share details on local code needs, specifics on build. - Exterior: Siding, 3' of lick-and-stick stone on front. Shingle roof. ASAP need date. Use CAD / CAM for machining and printing, kudos to those of you who are good at home designing. IMO, it's harder to get things right on home designing than it is for 4-axis machine CAD. Thanks in advance!