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Intersecting roof to brick wall material?

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Hello everyone, apologies if I was unable to find the solution for this in forums; I may not be searching for the correct topic. I have a building with an intersecting roof to a brick surface; the interior wall will be made of drywall and exterior surface above the roof of brick. Despite my best efforts, I have been unable to make this happen. I have tinkered with the knee wall settings along with attic walls, searched the help files for quite a while, but I only seem to be able to have brick on the inside & outside wall vs. the goal of sheetrock inside & brick on the exterior surface. 


I must be missing something elementary in this; I appreciate anyone who can help me.  After 12 years in Autocad, this conversion to Chief is proving to be a bit of a learning curve with the terminology.  Attached are two annotated images & a drawing file example of what we are talking about.


Kind Regards,





Intersecting Roof to Brick Wall Example.plan

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Hi KC, Here is a quick fix on one half of your structure. Not quite sure if this is the only way or the best way to fix such a situation but it may suffice for now.  Unless of course someone else can provide a more elegant solution. 


It is really just a matter of opening a 3d view ( I prefer a Perspective Full Overview ) and selecting and editing the wall shapes until they look correct.  Which sometime requires some brute force and other times requires a lot of patience and trials. The new camera features in X8 make this sort of thing much easier with x-ray capabilities, or rather smashing the camera through or inside a wall or attic space without having to buy a new Gopro.


I would make you a video but am not set up to do so yet, so here is a link to a video David did the other day in a similar situation.


Intersecting Roof to Brick Wall Fix.plan

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Read up on Roof Cuts Wall At Bottom, and Lower Wall Type When Split bu Butting Roof.

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Classic example of the software allowing something bad to occur.  What would hold the weight of the bricks?  Full size bricks need a brick ledge to bear upon.  If you are using faux brick, you should change the thickness of the brick layer for accuracy.

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Thank you all for the responses, I'll dig into the best options.  We would of course use a brick ledge to hold the weight of the full size bricks; I suppose it is just something that we cannot represent visually with the software without some manipulation.  

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