Default Cabinet color not taking

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Can someone check this for me.

Changed default wall door style on plan. Door selected was cherry so ...

Then changed the default material for that door to match from plan.

Changed based doors, then changed the material for those.

Just for grins opened up the base default dbx, selected the material to change, plan materials but I did not change the material. I did purge the plan materials and closed the dbx.

(This appears to be where the problem occurred.)

Opened elevation and not so good.

Closed Chief and reopened-no change.

Tried to change the material to something else. Closed dbx, not change in cabinets, went back and changed to what I needed, again no change.


When I tried to reproduce this -if I take the steps exactly as listed, that is go back and purge the materials from the base default dbx, the base cabinet will change the default color as shown. IF I close the dbx quickly I miss the change, if I wait and see it then I am able to change the material back to "Copy of..." and it holds.

IF I purge while in the DBX the first time, not going back just to purge, there is no problem.


Do you see what I'm seeing? Can it be reproduced? Ever happen to you?

Included zip with this plan and an earlier version.




deafault cab door

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Mark,  I could not follow your post,  if you want,  call me 619-200-1623 and I will do a 5 minute GTM to check with you.  (faster this way for me).

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Thanks Scott- we confirmed that it is weird and not my system. Not sure what it should be but will put together something to send in.

If anyone is playing along-

Scott was saying that material would not be dynamic if changed in the default DBX.

First set of steps- If you change the door style default, and then without closing the DBX change the material of the door it IS dynamic.

Close and don't save....

Second set of steps IF you change the door style default and close the DBX. Then go back and open it again to change the default material it is NOT dynamic.


Now where it gets really odd is-change the door style default- change or don't change the color doesn't matter. Close the dbx.

Then open the default dbx-go to the material for the door, select material, plan materials-purge materials, click OK.

IT switches to Default cabinet color brite. It may or may not be dynamic depending on what you have already done. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

If you do this immediately after the "first set of steps" it is dynamic but you can't change it back dynamically if you close the DBX.

Clear as mud I know, like I said weird.

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