Importing details and note done in AutoCAD

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I'm new to Chief. I'm using X-8


I am in the process of doing my first project in Chief. I have been using AutoCAD since 1993 and have accumulated hundreds of

details and notes over these years.


I have a couple of questions.  Is there an easy and quicker way of importing these details and notes over to Chief other than one

at a time. Question 2, Is it better to insert the details and note directly into the layout sheet or should they be inserted

into the plan file first, then send them to the layout sheet from the plan file?


The reason I am asking is when I inserted some note directly into the layout sheet from the user catalog the the notes

came in at least 10 times the normal size. When I inserted that same note into the plan file the note came in at the correct size.


It seems to me that inserting the details and notes directly into the layout sheet would same a lot of time. But it seems that doing

so you have to deal with the details and notes coming in way to large.







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Importing into a "new cad detail" prevents the size change and doesn't mess up your floor plan. You can drag and drop from Windows Explorer and the dialog box pops up, still have to click away. Two at a time are possible. They will place exactly centered on each other but the last one dragged in will be automatically selected so you can move it. More than two gets messy because of that.

I'm sure who use more details than I do will chime in here about long term storage and use. I either keep them in a warehouse plan or the library depending.

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