Need help with backdrop Picture setting

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I need help with the backdrop image or the external view image (view which is seen out of window).

If you check sample video walkthrough (youtube link), when my camera moves through room, the outside image(view from window) looks un-realistic, it moves rapidly. It doesn't look proper.


Image which I have used for outside is also attached in the thread. Also attached settings screenshot.

Can you please help me find out what is wrong here ?





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You could use "Spherical Backdrop Options" in the 3D View Defaults. However you really need to have a large panoramic backdrop to begin with.

Just an aside, when I'm sitting with my clients, instead of a cheesy video I usually just use the "Mouse Dolly Camera" in a camera view with the "incremental move" default set to 2", and the "incremental rotate set to 2°.

Then I can pretty much just walk them through live and go wherever they want to go in the plan. They're usually more impressed with this approach believe it or not.

Try it out. It's kind of like playing Doom from the early nineties but it's actually quite helpful.

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Thank you michaelgia, live video is nice idea for in person meeting, I will definitely try next time.


I will try spherical backdrop option & see how it works, but I really do not have panoramic image.With backdrop images - we wanted to take real location photograph & then use it inside design. How do you handle such images.

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Step 1) go to your location and take a panoramic photo with your iPhone. Get it as wide as possible and from a distance, so that the buildings are quite small and compact looking. Take several at different distances, to experiment with.

Step 2) open your plan, go to "file" import backdrop image, and select your panoramic image from wherever you saved it on your computer.

Step 3) in "3D" go to "3D View Defaults", Backdrop tab, select Sperical Panoramic Backdrop, try 180 for Horizontal angle and 180 for vertical angle. OK.

Also, when moving around in Camera View as I mentioned in the previous post, use the arrow keys to navigate, DO NOT use the mouse.

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I have a love my new 3d Connecxion mouse for navigating in 3d. Works pretty good. Still learning b/c it's very touchy.

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A 3D mouse must be nice for navigating. For the rest of us I think the arrow keys are the only way to go unfortunately. At least, in X6

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I also have the 3D connexion wireless and works fantastic. But, yes, touchy on the throttle.

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