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  1. I also have the 3D connexion wireless and works fantastic. But, yes, touchy on the throttle.
  2. THAT DID IT! You guys are the best! I shoulda poked around some more in the menus. Thanks Again.
  3. So I seemed to have lost my floating library tool bar window. I had it positioned way at the bottom of the screen and just pulled it up when I wanted to use it. At some point i must have pushed it down to far and now it's gone. I've rebooted the system to no avail. I'm assuming it's still in the video memory somewhere just beyond the edge of the screen. Not exactly sure how that all works. Any ideas? Turn the monitor upside down and see if it will float back down . I'm thinking also maybe reinstall the program, or uninstall the last update and then reinstall the current version? I'm on X8. Thanks, BC
  4. Click on the upper cabinet icon first. That should isolate your selection to the upper cabinets in plan view.
  5. What I have done is when in the layout page I'll double click to open up the plan file that the page is linked to then go back to the layout page and all is better. Or am I dreaming? It's like relinking it. BC