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Appliance and Fixture Schedules...? Can't change sizes? Can't tab to many of them.

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I'm trying to use Appliance and Fixture Schedules and labels in Chief. 


I find that I can't tab to many fixtures, it just skips over them, so don't have control over their size and name


I'm told the only way to make this work is to create your own library of those items, name and size them before placing them.  


Anyone else have a better way?  77 thousand items in the library and I have to name and re-size all the ones I might use to get a decent schedule out of them?


Thanks for considering,






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Short term solution: you can give up a live schedule. Select schedule and copy. I use Open Office so end up pasting into the word processor, select all, text to table. I often copy paste that into spreadsheet (can't remember why). Edit as needed, copy, making sure all cells have a borders. In Chief, rich text, paste. Not as bad as it sounds, just not live so save the office doc in case of changes and place the new schedule on same CAD detail as original schedule.

"Not sure" answer- may be able to edit in the components list? But if you can it is likely changes will be lost if item is edited.

Guessing you're problem is appliances in cabinets? I now almost always use models imported from SU warehouse. That allows for correct make and model number and (usually) with correct overall dims.

I really prefer having an accurate appliance /cabinet configuration to begin with. Though that can be a challenge as well and with some it's likely that the overall dimensions are not correct for the appliance itself. My concern is always having correct cabinet openings and 3D look.

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