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Looking for some help on my Senior Thesis Project.  The topic is Coastal Resilience in the Wake of Climate Change.  I have two sites I'm working with, one is a century old gambrel that I'd like to retrofit to float using homes of the Netherlands as a precedent.  The other is a massive town hall that will experience flooding during high tides once SLR reaches 6'; I am using Carlo Scarpa's Fondazione Querini Stampalia for this precedent.


My questions:

  • Is there a way for me to model SLR in Chief Architect, illustrating my design solutions for each site?  If yes, how?
  • Is there a different program you know of that I should use instead?

Being able to model my design solutions is essential to graduating in 7 weeks.  Any help, advise, suggestions give will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Poster 1 for Mid Term.pdf

Poster 2 for Mid Term.pdf

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You would have to use Chief architect to create the existing structures as a model.  The SLR could be illustrated with terrain functions.  You could also use polyline solids with water at the material.

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Chief should be able to handle modeling the buildings. IF you can accurately model the terrain in Chief, then the sea-level rise can be easily simulated (not animated, though) be creating a 3D plane and adjusting it's elevation - this can be used to illustrate the shoreline encroachment. I think the kicker is the terrain modeling. If you don't need absolute accuracy, or if you have an existing terrain dataset, then Chief should be adequate.

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