How to get rid of walls that won't go away


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I'm using the Home Designer Pro 2014 software and in the process of designing an addition/renovation to a house a pair of walls have a attached themselves to the plan that won't seem to go away.  I have an addition that is projecting out over open space below and supported by two columns.  Below this addition is a few steps with a retaining wall that allows for a walk-out lower level. The problem I ran into is when I first added the walls for the addition, the program automatically added foundation walls under the wood framed walls. I was able to delete these foundation walls and then added separate foundation walls to act as the retaining walls for the walk-out lower level, with a separate height of about 9 feet.  What happened though was that the program then automatically added walls on top of these foundation walls that attached themselves to the main level exterior walls and the roof.  I then created a new wall type and labeled it "retaining wall", hoping this would resolve the problem.  I deleted the foundation walls and replaced them with the new retaining walls I created.  Even though the foundation walls were deleted, the attached walls above them were not.  I have tried numerous times and ways to try to get rid of these unwanted walls on the main level, but they won't seem to go away.  


Does anyone have an idea of how to resolve this problem?  I could start the drawing over, but I have already invested a lot of time into drawing the plan up to this point.




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Hi, you will probably need to post the plan to avoid quesses


are these walls labeled as attic walls ???


the software creates attic walls when it believes it needs them for the roof generator


you may need to change various settings in the dbx's to convince the software

it doesn't need the walls


or change the model so it doesn't think it needs the walls


or make the walls invisible and ignore them


only with the plan can someone properly advise


since HD PRO has the same manual tools Chief users can assist with advice


you may also want to pose your query on the Hometalk forum

as users there would be familiar with the limitiations that HD PRO has versus Chief


be aware that if a chiefer modifies your plan you may be able edit the revised plan

but if they use features that PRO doesn't have - those areas may not be editable


also the chiefer needs to set a flag that allows HD products to open/edit the revised plan


Chief X6 is the newest version and I'm not sure if HD PRO 2014 can work with their plans ?



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Those do look like attic walls created by the roof overhang. You can select them and make them invisible and put them on their own layer so you can turn them off if you need to see other invisible walls for what ever reason. You could also turn off automatic rebuilding of attic walls. Then delete them. However, when doing this, you'll then have to manually draw in all new attic walls.

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