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Free Viewer Available For Dae File Types ?

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At times I get customers that would like to view the program on there own.  What would be nice is to have a free and easy to use viewer that allows you to do flyovers with textures applied.


I know about Chief's viewer.  I have used it for years and it does not fit the bill.


A U3D file with textures and layer control would be nice.  I think that is possible, but I have not had the time to learn how to set up the textures so they show.


Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Thanks David, I will have to check that out.  I have heard quite a bit about Sketchfab, but I have not tried it yet myself.  Looks like now is the time.

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Curious David,  do you happen to know why Sketchfab is free and how/why they are financed? 

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Chief Architect  - Sketchfab


Chief Architect currently does not have an "Exporter" to Sketchfab.

software with exporters are listed here:


Please, everyone request a plugin from Sketchfab for a Chief Architect Exporter

Send an email request to:



email subject:   Exporter Request - for - Chief Architect


Sketchfab currently supports dae (Collada) file to Sketchfab

as well as 3ds and many more as listed at:

(if any one needs to convert a model to a different file format AccuTrans 3D is 



Sketchfab has a pricing policy (or plans) based on the end users needs.


Professionals using Sketchfab for clients are most likely going to need 

private and password-protected models.  

This will require at a minimum the Pro Plan ($10 month paid yearly or $15 month paid monthly)

Business Plan is ($29 month paid yearly or $39 month paid monthly)


The Basic plan is free with stated limitations.


Sketchfab advantanges - disadvantages

To be discussed in another topic.


3d Viewers I have tried for Chief Architect are:

1. Chief Architect Viewer

2. Sketchfab

3. H2H WebGL Viewer (my name, actual name is too long and hard to remember)


Each have their merits and uses depending on ones requirements.

It is good we have the choice and it will only get better in the future.


Happy modelling to all.

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Sketchfab set the following check sheet for loading Chief Architect files into Sketchfab
that features Dan Baumann's Tutorial
Sketchfab Help Center

Chief Architect
Adapted from Dan Baumann's tutorial.
Chief Architect is architectural and interior design CAD software.

  • Open a 3D model in Chief Architect
  • Select File → Export → Export 3D Model (3DS)
  • Uncheck Truncate Texture Names and select Export
  • Create a new folder with the name of your project.
  • Open the folder, name the project and save the model. (You're also saving the materials)
  • Navigate to the new folder and compress it into a .zip file. (This is important if you want the materials to show in your online models) See video around 4 minutes.

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