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Why Is My Whole Building Now Defined As A Room?

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check your wall connections


move them away a little then reconnect



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I would highly recommend making the "Interior" wall part of the "Exterior" wall definition.


You'll have some corner connections to clean up, but it will be much nicer in the end...and on top of it, your rooms are all individual now.


See attached.

Fire house 5334_SF___2 NO WALLS.plan

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Your plan has some random room divider walls and some other bad wall connections. If you remove these random room divider walls and clean up your wall connections, it will probably behave much better.

Also, I noticed that you turned off "Connect Island Rooms" in your general wall defaults. I don't recommend doing this until you completely understand how to always keep your walls properly connected.  Turning this on also fixes the problem with bad rooms.


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