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Have just had a project in which I'm doing the 3D framing in X6 for the first time, and noticed a few things that have changed and thinking I'd like it back to the way it used to be....


When I double-click the Joist tool, the Build Framing dbx comes up, but no matter what floor I'm viewing, this dbx shows up with the Foundation options appearing. It used to be that opening the dbx on 2nd floor would automatically appear on the 2nd floor options for building framing.


Also, when I open the Build Framing dbx (double click the Joist tool) and do some auto framing, (having previously drawn some bearing lines or joist direction lines), the General Framing icon (just to the left of the Joist tool) changes to the Build Framing icon, and I can't go back to the Bearing Lines or Joist Direction Lines without clicking the small arrow, and another icon, etc.



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You know Tim it's these small things that if fixed improve the experience we have using CA. thanks for bringing this up, you might want to put it in the suggestions forum.

I think you now should be the head of the choir Scott.

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