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Given two files A.plan and B.plan that contain similar house plans, is there a way to compare the files to determine if B.plan was initially created by making a copy of A.plan?  (Conversely, is there a way to "prove" that B.plan was at least created from a brand new plan and did not originate as a copy of A.plan?)


From a technical standpoint, I'm wondering if perhaps there is something in the .plan format metadata that can be analyzed to determine if it can reasonably be concluded that one plan file is a copy of another or not.  For example, perhaps there are embedded object IDs, UUIDs, or other random identifiers present within a .plan file that should be unique when a new plan file is created from scratch, but the presence of the same identifiers in two different .plan files would suggest the files shared a common ancestor...


Are there tools available that can read / display / compare the metadata information embedded in a .plan file?


Is there a technical specification for the .plan file format that is available?



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