Wall breaks getting lost - doing pony walls with varying heights


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A job is to have brick wainscot on exterior walls, and the top of wainscot varies.


I place wall breaks where the top of brick changes from 60 inches to 135 inches, and all is well.  I set the top of brick in each segment in the wall dialog box where I specify upper and lower wall and height of lower.  All looks good in 3D and elevations.


Coming back after adjusting some window heights in the wall, and needing to adjust the height of brick in a segment, I click on the wall to select, and lo, my breaks are gone.  The pony wall height is called "no change."  But viewing in 3D and elevations still shows the segmented wall, or rather it shows the up and down brick heights as I set them earlier.


I've lost the breaks, and if I specify pony wall height in the dialog (where it says "no change") the wall is edited for its entire length.


What's up with this?




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Here is the plan file of the job that is giving me fits.  I gotta get this thing done.




I can live with the behavior, mentioned above, where the breaks will place and allow pony wall heights to be specified differently, but the north wall near the NE corner cannot be broken where wanted.


My plan file has heavy red CAD lines I placed for guiding me where I want breaks.  The wall appears to break where wanted and the pony wall heights are specified, but as soon as the dialog box closes, the wall breaks further from the corner.


And only this one behaves this way.  Why?


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I'm not in front of my computer to play with it right now, but I will say this... I've never done it that way. I've only ever broken the wall polyline in elevation ( when you do that there are no wall breaks created). In essence, I end up with exactly what you have now.

I suspect what is happening is that the wall just repaired itself once you made your subsequent changes. The program just recognized it all as the same wall type and reconnected accordingly. I think the same thing usually happens when you put it break into a wall but fail to change one of the wall types before editing it.

If you want to keep the breaks you might have to create a couple different wall types ( just giving them different names should suffice). I personally don't see the benefit in doing that though. You should be able to get what you want just making those changes in an elevation view.

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