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Just ran into this on my assistants machine- he ends up with extra hidden files all they are small size- say there is filename.plan then there will be a second one ._filename.plan. They are hidden in windows explorer but show up when using the Chief open file dbx which gets annoying.

He works back and forth to a Mac, and he also does some saving to and from a thumb drive.

Are these left over from the Mac? or something the thumb drive is creating? I was able to delete them via windows explorer with no problem.



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I'm not sure how the "." got put in. On Unix (Mac) and Linux operating systems a dot at the start of a file signifies that it is normally hidden. I'm speculating here, but it seems like when the files are migrated to Windows the hidden attribute is being set. I'm not sure why the file chooser is showing them on Windows. You can set your explorer up to show hidden files. I normally run windows this way and there is a way to do the same on Mac. I don't recall the specifics of how to set that up though.

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