How to get better quality with PDF import?


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I just tried using the "import pdf" command for the first time, for a large existing site plan drawing (less than 1mb file, 24x30 original size drawing).  The pdf is very sharp and clear.  But the image that imported was very small and grainy, basically useless.  I got much better quality from the 8 1/2x11 scans that I stiched together and imported as a jpg.  Am I missing something for how to get better quality on a pdf import?  I'd really like to use the pdf import because it is a single image the scale and measurements are more accurate than my stitched jpg image.




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During import, the PDF is converted to an image. That means you go from vector lines which scale as the screen size changes and remain crisp and clear(just like a floor plan view in Chief) to an image with static pixels that remain the same and give that grainy effect when zoomed or scaled.


Depending on how the PDF was created I've had some luck converting it to a DXF file that can then be imported. This retains the vector lines so that it can be scaled more accurately.

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