Roof/Dormer Schmutz fix from Wendy

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Here's a little bad boy condition that I had to fix, so I taped it.  


This touches on the following topics:


  • messy outside wall connection at dormer cheeks.  In this case it's related to attic walls and the roof eave being higher than the ceiling.
  • misbehaving frieze at roofs with jogs.
  • getting corner boards and rafter tails to look the way you want at dormer outside corners.

Even though this is not technically a "dormer", it's definitely dormer-ish.  So techniques from here can be applied directly to dormers.


it's the three videos titled "Roof Schmutz" in the Dormer library folder - http://www.screencast.com/t/FotMcxvnpAI


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GREAT video. Not sure who to thank that I live in CA and don't have to deal with frieze and corner boards!

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Thanks Wendy , good vids again. MUCH appreciated.


Not sure you saw it yest.  but there is a post on that arrow you are using and how it has a Bug in X7and it not resizing itself properly on Zooming , I had stopped using it too , but Kirk confirmed it is a "known issue" here:



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