one more from Wendy - adding a garage to a finished design

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Ya see, I'm about to hire and train 2 new staff.  Between that and just back from the UGM, I seem to be in training brain.  So let's ride that train while we're on it!!!!


This series shows:

  • careful use of Copy and Paste/Hold Position to save time
  • sequence to avoid foundation height problems (make sure you watch the last, #5)
  • getting your stem wall right at a garage without losing your mind.
  • some general good practice thrown in along the way.



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Thanks Wendy , great Tips and love the "Sneaky Garage Roof Build" , will be using that one.....

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Thanks! I like the sneaky tricks. Somedays we struggle and other days we struggle and get it correct . . . .

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Foundations have certainly become more temperamental in recent releases.  Especially when I bring an old Chief version plan forward.  Support doesn't agree, and I don' have the time to change there mind.

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good work dear i see it 



and we are idesign theme to try puplish all services

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A global Architectural consulting company
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its first branch in Riyadh at 2006 and by 2014 http://www.idesignarc.com/ weopened Doha branch.
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- Supervision.

- Project management. 


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