Attic Wall Not Showing On Floor Camera View

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 My name is Harley and im a new ChiefArchitect Premier X7 user. I am having an issue where the Attic wall is not showing on y floor camera view (pic included). It shows the wall to be framed up in framing view. i checked to make sure attic walls are on in layers panel, it is.


As you can see in the photo, the exterior wall is showing as well as the cathedral ceiling . judt th attic wall is missing...


any ideas? thanks for any advice you might have!



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Part of learning this software is learning what each tool is for and what it does and does not do. The floor camera will not (is not programmed to) show anything other that what is on the "Floor" that camera is created on. The "Full Camera" will include all possible objects from the viewpoint of the camera, the floor camera will  not. Objects will appear or not based on whether or not they are checked "on" or "Off" in your camera view "Display Objects" dialog also, so it can seem a little mysterious as to why objects may be visible in plan views but then not in camera views (that is due to them being on or off in Display Options as well).

Watch the introductory videos and read the Reference Manual carefully, stopping to practice what you read about as you go and you will eventually get comfortable, there is much to learn!



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Thanks David! I chose Full Camera and it shoes the whole wall. i was getting so frustrated, i even turned on everything in the Floor Camera display options but it still wasnt showing! never thought to use full camera!! 


Your correct, I have lots to learn! Thanks again for your expertise 

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Check "balloon frame" and it will fill in for you.

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