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I'm a, I'm sure this may have been discussed previously.  So...just send me the link to the topic if it's easier.


In Indiana we have basements. The basement walls are typically 8", 10" or 12" thick poured concrete...the wall height varies but typical nowadays is 9'-0" tall.  Very often there is brick on the least on the front and maybe down the sides.  Therefore, we need a brick ledge.  The brick ledge size can vary...but typically it is 4" wide and steps down from the top of the wall 4"...or 8".  So...basically a 4"x4" or 4"x8" notch at the top of the wall. 


I need the brick ledge (outer edge of the 4" wall at the top) to align with the main layer of the frame wall above.  Not the outer edge of the 8" wall.   


I figure this basement wall needs to be a pony wall?  Is this correct? 

The lower wall being an 8" concrete stem wall...the top half of the pony wall being a 4" concrete stem wall.  Am I correct so far?


One problem I have is how this looks in plan view.  Pony walls only let you show either the top or bottom of the pony, I am able to see a 4" wall...or an 8" wall.  This isn't what I need.  I need to see (3) lines in the plan view...the inside and outside edges of the 8" wall...and the outside edge of the 4" wall.  I need it to look like this so that it shows where the foundation wall has brick ledge. 


I'm somewhat surprised that this wall type isn't standard in Chief.  It is the main foundation wall type used in Indiana. 


So...can anyone help me with a few tips or suggestions on how to create this wall type?


Thanks much!


I can't post a plan or pic right now...probably not until Sunday.  I will as soon as I get back home to my computer.

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I just learned this last weekend, so I think I can help.   You're correct about the combination of stem walls and pony walls.

You need to create a new wall type for the upper section of the Pony wall.

1.  Select a foundation wall, open it and check Pony wall

2.  In the upper General section, hit Wall Type > Define

3.  Select New > Rename it Brick Pony Wall or whatever you like

4.  In the Wall Layers > Main Layer: Thickness > change it to 6"

5.  Change the material to Plan Material > Concrete

6.  Wall Layers > Insert 1" Air Gap

7.  Wall Layers > Insert 4" > Select Brick as the material

8.  For the Concrete layer, change the Fill Style to Concrete

9.  For the Brick layer, change the Fill Style to Angle Hatch > 4" spacing > Red

10.  Change the Brick line color to Red


In Plan view it will now show the detail of the Pony walls

If the Pony wall does not align with the first floor brick, simple move the Pony wall manually.

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