4 pane mullion cabinet door

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Assembled this for an acquaintance (and myself :)

Zip file has: library with one door symbol as pictured, a plan file that is a kit. The kit can be used to change rail and stile width,framing beads and the profiles of the mullions. Also possible to delete the mullions and just create a door symbol.

The door shown in the kit plan is made of: 2 rails, 2 stiles (so the grain is correct), a psolid for the panel, 3d molding line for framing bead, and two separate 3d molding lines for the mullions. I included the profiles so you can see the correct orientation if you want to change them.


When I have to adjust depths for any of these I open a back clipped section through the door, a front elevation, and a 3d view or two. Then use transform replicate to shift positions. Tedious but get what I want.

4 pane mullion


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