window not framing through


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I deleted the window and copied one of the basement windows into that place and resized it and it framed through.

When I tried to move the wall for the sump closet closer in I lost the frame through.  Not sure why.  I guess there is

a minimum distance you have to be from a corner or wall angle to have the frame through work?  I know I can put a pass

through in but wanted to do it automatically.

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Hey Dennis,


I was having the same problem this morning on a plan.

My issue was with a triple window. It didn't like it if it wasnt blocked as one unit. Then it worked.


I did notice in your image that the furring wall to the north is a bit  away from the foundation wall. The wall on the east is not.

Try a 1 inch air gap in the wall type, also make sure its a furred wall.  this way it bumps to the air gap when you place it. 



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