Making A New Electrical Symbol

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I'd like to make special electrical symbols.  I've tried, and watched several training videos but haven't succeeded.

Some examples are:


A.  16/4 cable to each window for powered blinds.  Since the wire goes directly into the blind, the 3D symbol is not that important.


B.  Duplex Cat6 Jack, two Cat6 ports in one plate


C.  3/4" Conduit from a blank plate to the attic for future use.  3D symbol could be a blank wall plate.


Requirements are similar to all electrical items:


1.  The 2D symbol must rotate toward the wall automatically


2.  The 2 D text should also rotate


3.  I want the symbol to be in a new layer called "Communications" 


4.  The Symbol should be counted in the material list.


Thank you in advance for your help.

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