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X7 novice

yesterday I printed line drawings that I had sent to layout. After printing I could see a partial image next to the drawing that i had not seen on my screen. sure enough somehow i had superimposed another image over it. I deleted the images and all appeared good on my screen. Now I can't print or save as a PDF.

I printed different view just to make sure my printer was working. Can't imagine what I could have done.

Any ideas anyone?

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No . I was trying to print a layout page to a PDF as well as just printing it. Today I completely redrew everything on the page and sent it to printer. It would print but I cancelled the printing because the layout page number was changed. Each time I tried to change the page number it would change back to page P1.  After repeating this process several times and not finding a solution I decided to just print it and see what I got. Now it wont print at all again. Just shows  a grey page and no highlighted print button.

Again I tried to print to PDF as well.

I attached plan ( I hope)



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