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  1. Ok thanks for responding. Guess I'll have to take the day to sit on the porch with a beer and stare at the surf! I'll try tomorrow with X10.
  2. X9 version I received a cad dwg file by email and when trying to import it an error notice came up "Teigha error: Teigha Error: 42 invalid file version. When trying again to import from mail I see that the file now has the CA logo but again the same error message when I attempted import. I was able to import the same file earlier from a flash-drive on another computer using X10. I don't have access to that computer at the moment so hoping someone can help me resolve this. Thanks for any help offered.
  3. x9 intermediate skills Can someone explain how to configure text in other than a straight line? Thanks for any help offered. J
  4. X9 x10 WINDOWS 10 PRO INTEL I7 4.2 GHZ GTX 1050 2GB 16 GB MEM 2TB DRIVE NOT NEWB NOT VERY SKILLED GOT A NEW DESKTOP PC and downloaded X10 as an upgrade from 9. need help migrating x9 and user library from old laptop.. Any help greatly appreciated thanks Jess
  5. thanks i'll try that. I appreciate your help.
  6. X9 I made a simple polyline solid as a concrete landing outside a restroom with the restroom floor the same elevation. When I put in a railing it was 6" above floor level. Can't seem to find a way to adjust the elevation of the railing.. This must be simple but....... Hope someone is willing to help the feeble minded. Thanks camp cazadero 10-22-17.pdf
  7. thanks chopsaw i'll be back to work tomorrow and will play with that some more. Thank you for the help And thank you Drawzilla I'll definitely do that in the future. Jess
  8. Thanks chopsaw for responding. Alaska son invited me to call him and he helped me solve one of the biggest issues so that was a huge help. But as you can see I'm having a problem still converting an elevation to CAD. I attached a couple photos to show what's happening. Michael mentioned that I may have an object distant in the backgroung somewhere but I haven't found anything. J
  9. Michael thanks for the help . The graphics card set up helped . It seems the computer is not freezing up so far and I was now able to get the CAD to layout but here's what happened when I converted to CAD from drawing. I've attached a couple phone shots here. When I convert from elevation shot to CAD I get window " calculating panel lines" and it takes a couple minutes to create the CAD view in the 2nd photo. A zillion lines that project into infinity. Any Ideas ? Thanks
  10. Ok this has cost me most of morning trying to figure out. I took an exterior elevation view converted it to cad and changed some details. When sent to layout it was huge. So huge I could not grab or find edit handles. then I'd get the swirling death ball and after several minutes my screen would just freeze. I could not get out of the program unless I shut down and ,of course ,lose my work I would .attach a file or screen shot but my computer is still frozen This happened 3 times and lucky me I have a spare computer so I can send this sos. Help would be greatly appreciated
  11. Thank you for that explanation Lew. Very helpful. Jess
  12. Ok thank you. I learn something new with every post
  13. yeah I hadn't kept the original original file so just thought I'd try the PDF. I"ll remember to check the DPI in the future. Thanks Graeme What's a PNG ? I will try that next time . Thanks Chopsaw
  14. I imported a PDF of a CA plan into a new plan and found there was a lot of missing lines and details. Is this normal? Something I can do to improve the image? Thanks Jess