X16 Beta - corner newels of porch disappeared


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I opened an existing plan in X16 beta and a wraparound porch I had drawn has each corner post missing.


This is a deck railing/fence wall type with 6x6 newels; newels/posts in railing dbx is set to "post to beam"; railing is set to "open".


The corner newels are missing from the elevation view and also missing on the floor plan view.

X16 Beta.JPG

X16 Beta2.JPG

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Please remember that X16 is still in a beta test phase.  If you find any problems in X16, please be sure to report these problems to our technical support team.  If this is not something that you are able to do do, then you should continue to use X15 until X16 is officially released.


For a problem such as this, please be sure and send us the original X15 plan that shows the newel posts.  If we can confirm that they are missing in X16, then we will try to get a fix for this into the next available update.


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1 hour ago, Garybills said:

@BCNABECheck the Rail Specification, rail style, start & end post. I checked one of my X15 plans and they open in X16 as none on the start and end. Capture.thumb.PNG.3f1dd565fc52ea9a85f1c21416377097.PNG

This took care of this issue.


In X15 it was set to start type: None; end type: Full


The same plan opened in X16 was set to None for both.

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