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  1. Garybills's post in Front walls of manually drawn dormers do not generate was marked as the answer   
    For the front wall problem, Open second floor wall, structure, default wall top height

  2. Garybills's post in 2 Over 2 Casement was marked as the answer   
    I think this would be a custom Muntin. Search help for Muntin and it explains how to make them.
  3. Garybills's post in Round Room Challenges was marked as the answer   
    Edit wall layer intersections for the wall issue other than the one piece of base.  Make one roof plane and make it curved the break as needed to fit against silo. Did these in X15.

  4. Garybills's post in Help with Roof Eaves thinking porch walls below are a room? was marked as the answer   
    I defined the lower level as a porch which fixed most of the overhang that was missing and the side overhangs, I fixed by adjusting the attic walls on the sides. I attached a zip file of the plan. 

    Exeter -
  5. Garybills's post in Peaked Window was marked as the answer   
    With a little work you can do it in the window specification, shape. The only thing is the casing in the peak flattens off a couple inches and it will only let the side offsets go to 29 1/2" instead of 30 on the 60" window.
    Untitled 1.planUntitled 1.plan