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  1. This took care of this issue. In X15 it was set to start type: None; end type: Full The same plan opened in X16 was set to None for both.
  2. I opened an existing plan in X16 beta and a wraparound porch I had drawn has each corner post missing. This is a deck railing/fence wall type with 6x6 newels; newels/posts in railing dbx is set to "post to beam"; railing is set to "open". The corner newels are missing from the elevation view and also missing on the floor plan view.
  3. These are bearing walls in the basement, so I have the walls drawn on level 0 (foundation) and the walls marked as "foundation" in the dialog box.
  4. Is there a way to adjust or lengthen the footing of a wall? In the attached image, at the top, I show a bearing wall with a footing and it looks correct - the footing goes beyond each end of the wall. But if I add a wall to make it "L" shaped and that wall segment is non-bearing (no footing) the footing on the bearing wall will only go to the center of the non-bearing wall when in reality it should go beyond it (the red line that I have noted).
  5. Whenever I mull two or more windows together, by default the window label changes to the overall window size with a "MU" after it. I always change this through the dialog box to "show component labels". Is there a hot key or macro or something else to automate this and make it quicker?