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While I have a lot of experience from many other cad apps out there, I am now jumping head first into Chief. While I am thrilled with how fast things are coming together, I have come across a few road bumps which I need help getting over.


One thing I am having difficulty with right now is "re-importing" a pdf into my layout file. In other cad programs, I would typically have a "referenced" pdf the layout file, in lieu of an embedded pdf. 


That way I could easily refresh the pdf when I overwrote the source file. For some reason, every time I try to either re-path  or re-import my revised pdf, I still see an image of old pdf. My only workaround so far is to completely rename the pdf, so the Chief see's it as a new file. I really don't want to have to do this since it means creating new instances of many pdf's, any time one is overwritten.


I hope this makes sense. Any help is greatly appreciated.






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I use PDF's and images all the time but I have never afterwards edited the PDF or used alternate edited versions of PDF files. Your question would be better put to a Tech Support type person who actually knows how to answer your specific question (I am not that person).



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I do this quite a bit myself, and I have heard other comments on this subject as well.


If you want a PDF file to update, then do not embed the file.  Also the PDF file will only update when you first close CA and then restart CA and open the file.


Not sure, but it seems that at times even this process does not always work consistently.  CA is not up on this computer or I would have let you know which box to uncheck.  Sorry about that.

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I have had the same problem with a PDF file not updating after it has be changed.  I find that if I have another PDF of the same size, I can change the file reference to the alternate PDF so it shows up, then I go back and reference the original updated file.  The updates show up appropriately then.  This 2 step process is annoying, but it works.

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  • 10 months later...

Can somebody tell me if its possible to import the PDF fi;e and work and make changes in HD pro? I have this project for a commercial building /floor plan and i did import the file but its not recognizing in 3D view and I can't make any changes....Anybody can help please...?

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Can somebody tell me if its possible to import the PDF fi;e and work and make changes in HD pro? I have this project for a commercial building /floor plan and i did import the file but its not recognizing in 3D view and I can't make any changes....Anybody can help please...?


You should probably post your question over on the HomeTalk forum.  Most of us here aren't very familiar with the HD product line.  ChiefTalk is more suited for those using Chief Architect as opposed to HomeTalk which is more specifically aimed toward helping those using Home Designer products

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I see he asked a question for his software, but in reality they are the same in my opinion. And I have also found issues with PDF imports. 


When you import a PDF with the name "File" that was created in Word or Excel or any other program that is saved to a PDF there is an issue with importing - or re-importing. Say I imported "File" which contains some data, then if I update that document with modified data and again save it as a PDF. When you attempt to change or update the file path to reflect the new updated version, it doesn't change. The original imported document will always be there, regardless if it has been saved in plan or not. The only way to change the document to the updated version is to assign a new file name each time the document is modified. This has been a problem for me on projects where multiple people are involved and make changes or expect to see changes. Keeping track of files names and having sometimes many of them is daunting and often leads to an error. 


It would be nice if you could refresh that file to show the new data, even if that file has the same name. And there seems to be no place to edit imported files 

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