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I am trying to up a belled roof on some of my houses. I am redrawing some of my old AutoCAD plans. I tried doing it with two roof planes but the lower part but the two plans dont want to connect because the wall top is right there. Does anyone have any ideas or tips for me?






Screenshot 2023-01-19 095952.jpg

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I do this all the time.  Chief can be a little finiky, but I have a way I do it.  Not sure if it is the 'right' way, but it works for me.




-I copy and paste in place the roof I want the kick out on.

-I then drag one of the roofs from the bottom eve and snap to the inside of the wall.

-Open the roof dbx and take note of the 'fascia height'.

-Then I select the other roof plane and drag from the top down to the inside of the wall.  (so now the two roof planes match and look like one roof)

-then open the lower dbx and alter pitch as you desire for kickout.  Whether radius or just lower pitch.

-Then open lower pitch DBX and paste in the fascia ht of the upper roof plane in to the LOWER roof's ridge height.


Just for removing any glitches, you can then join roof planes to clean up any small sub fractional issues. 

Then copy the lower kickout and paste it around the plan using point to point on baseline.



I do all my roofs manually.  Chiefs 'auto' tools start to fail as the design becomes complex.    I might auto build a simple hip structure and then go in and start editing manually.



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46 minutes ago, VisualDandD said:

I do this all the time.  Chief can be a little finiky, but I have a way I do it.  Not sure if it is the 'right' way, but it works for me.

Here's the Chief video that shows that in action:

Haven't watched the video in a while but I think that's the same process?


I'd also like to point out that in OP's example photo, that's not a curved roof, just a lower roof plane, and that can be done on a wall-by-wall basis using the Auto roof tools by setting Upper Pitch/Lower Pitch settings on the bearing wall, just be sure the "In From Baseline" is at least 1", 0" doesn't work.

So if you're looking for a very simple bell, and not a fancy curved one, try this:


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