How do you display a variable value in Rtext?


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I have a macro ffe_data with this: [Evaluate / None]

ffe_house = "24.0' FFE NAVD88"

ffe_2nd_Floor = "23.5' FFE NAVD88"

ffe_garage = "23.9' FFE NAVD88"

ffe_porch_1 = "23.5' FFE NAVD88"

ffe_porch_2 = "23.5' FFE NAVD88"

ffe_stoop = "23.5' FFE NAVD88"

ffe_grade_1 = "22.5' FFE NAVD88"

ffe_grade_2 = "22.5' FFE NAVD88"


I want to use rtext to display th value of ffe_garage.

What is the syntax to display the value of that variable?



PS I think someone already told me how years ago but I must have forgotten.


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one way to do it is to put 

$ffe_garage = "23.9' FFE NAVD88" 

in the macro


and then in the text box



another way to do it is to put ffe_garage = "23.9' FFE NAVD88" at the end of the macro (get rid of the "") and the put 

%ffe_data% in the rtext box


as the macro will return the last value assigned


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