Walls: Unpaint entire job. Paint entire job.


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I have not changed OOB X14 and exterior framed walls and interior framed walls are 1/2" layer, texture "drywall 48 x 96" which produces what I want for the material list, which is the wallboard sheet count.


I messed myself up by painting.  I say painting, but what I did was to change my wall definitions for the sheetrock 1/2" layer to a color, then stupidly used the eyedropper and spray can to paint all around.


I want to repaint now.  I have a mess of rooms which got the paint treatment and so do not report drywall.  I went into defaults and set my default exterior wall as 1/2 drywall 48 x 144 and then a zero thickness color layer of a green paint color.  Same for interior walls, same drywall and color layer.


But the spraypainted surfaces are still all white.  I need some training.

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* It's not a good idea to add a color layer to walls like you can do with ceilings as chief only wraps the outer most layer of Walls around corners etc.  instead change the material color on the pattern tab ...use the paint's RGB number if you want a specific SW or BM color......




You should be able to reset your default Wall Definitions and then in the individual Walls' Materials Tab set the Materials back to Default for any not showing as Default


image.thumb.png.a1d55824d856e1d0a2f00d2bb564c830.png  image.thumb.png.65cb80ee5f14ce21a8f794ae1ba4d822.png image.thumb.png.f09d436f44b6002b692ea9055024c923.png  image.thumb.png.b137c64330da06870da7c16069e0a725.png



This may help too........


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