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We're having an issue with a specific base cabinet not showing the correct color/texture. I was able to use the texture in a different file on another piece of cabinetry and we're able to use the texture to paint other materials in the file that the problem cabinet is in but this one specific cabinet is not rendering properly. The dbx says it's the 'Dark Wood' texture but it's not showing as that texture in the rendering. Anyone have a solution for this?


Attached pictures to show texture that's chosen vs how it's rendered.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet_Materials.PNG

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet.PNG

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Someone may have turned off the Blend with Texture Box on the Texture tab of the material , so you are only seeing the base material in 3D , without the blended dark pattern color...



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I figured out the issue. The designer for the project is newer to CA and had copied and mirrored the vanity so it could be double bowl vanity. So technically there was 2 cabinets in the same place. It was changing the one object's materials but not the other. The other is what is seen in the rendering but when selecting the cabinet from plan view to open the dbx it opens the one with the correct material textures.

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