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  1. I was given a "new" computer and Chief Architect x14 was installed with no issues. Except the program quits after 30 seconds with no errors or messages. I've already contacted support but in the meantime while I wait for a response I was curious if others have had this issue and know of a solution. I've tried repairing and re-installing and neither helps. Thanks
  2. Everyone has the correct font installed. It's only become an issue since upgrading to x14. It changes all text in the PDF file whether it's from the plan file or layout file, whether it's rich text or standard text. The text style looks how it should in CA but when you open the PDF it looks different.
  3. The text examples were from different PDFs of different projects. It was just to show what the text style looks like for 2 of my co-workers vs me when saving as a PDF. I'm more so asking about the text style changing when saving as a PDF. It'll show our normal font in CA layout but once it's saved as a PDF the PDF changes the font style for some reason. This issue only started since upgrading to x14. I know this seems like an Adobe issue but I figured I'd ask here since the issue arose once we all upgraded to x14.
  4. Since upgrading to x14 at least 2 of my co-workers in my department are having a text issue when saving as a PDF. I have not had the issue they're having but it's becoming an "inconvenience" that if they need something sent to PDF, those of us not having the issue will have to open the file and do it for them. I've attached some pictures of the issue vs what it's supposed to look like. Is anyone else having this issue and knew the solution to fix it? How it looks when they send to PDF vs how it looks when I send to PDF
  5. I figured out the issue. The designer for the project is newer to CA and had copied and mirrored the vanity so it could be double bowl vanity. So technically there was 2 cabinets in the same place. It was changing the one object's materials but not the other. The other is what is seen in the rendering but when selecting the cabinet from plan view to open the dbx it opens the one with the correct material textures.
  6. We're having an issue with a specific base cabinet not showing the correct color/texture. I was able to use the texture in a different file on another piece of cabinetry and we're able to use the texture to paint other materials in the file that the problem cabinet is in but this one specific cabinet is not rendering properly. The dbx says it's the 'Dark Wood' texture but it's not showing as that texture in the rendering. Anyone have a solution for this? Attached pictures to show texture that's chosen vs how it's rendered.
  7. Our company uses OneDrive for our file system. The company also has particular fonts they use for documents. Our Template plan file and layout file use those fonts but there's an issue with that. Anytime one of us opens a plan file or layout file (whether it's a new blank one or for an existing project) we get the 'Replace Fonts' Dialog box asking us to replace the missing font (company font) with another. Is there a way to get it to stop asking that each time and remember where the font is? We all have the font installed on our individual laptops. The fonts are also found on OneDrive. I've followed the article about this issue but the solution doesn't help since we all have the font installed but CA program can't seem to find it. Even if we replace the font with the same font (ie. it'll say 'Arial' font is missing and you select replace with 'Arial') that it doesn't actually replace it with that font. Once the file is open it chooses 'Verdana' font whether we choose the correct font we want or not. Any solutions that allow us to keep using the company font?
  8. Working on the plan for this existing house and they have a doorway connecting one catwalk to another but the roof pitch is steep and running 2 different directions. I've attached 2 pictures of what I need the area to actually look like in my plan.
  9. @solver Most that would need access to the information all work in an office. 1 of us is remote. But we all work off Microsoft OneDrive cloud service at the moment. So if there's a file in a folder on the cloud we all have access to then we see when it's been modified.
  10. @MarkMcLooks like you lose the symbol if you copy it back in from the spreadsheet though.
  11. @solverI'm sure the cost evaluator will be responsible for pricing and could put all that info into an excel sheet for one of my co-workers or I to put into the specific object. Is there any tutorials or links to show how I would even create a text file for ruby to read? And would it have to be individual text files for each object? I've spent the past 1.5 days looking into ruby and macros, etc. and it just seems time consuming and not as simple as I'm sure the cost evaluator was hoping for. It'd even be nice if I could put the price & total cost information from the materials list into a custom field for it to show on the schedule. Doesn't look like it's at all an option. I'll just have to keep looking into all of it. Thanks
  12. I can only open the object and see the Object Information if I either place into the plan or copy it to my user catalog. If I copy it to my user catalog and edit it there then none of my co-workers have access to it.
  13. Our cost evaluator was asking if it would be possible to input the cost of a material and add the total cost to the schedule. I know you can input the price of something in the object and have it calculate the total in materials list. But that's not exactly what he's looking for. Plus, I've found a few issues with that method. If for example I have (6) 4" down recessed lights in a kitchen and they cost $90 each. I'd have to open each object and input the price in the component section to have them all group together into the materials list to give a correct total cost value. And at that point we can't put the total cost that shows on the material list into a custom field on the electrical schedule. So I have a few questions: 1. Is it possible to add a price to an object and have it so that it's always associated with that object so that we wouldn't have to open the object and input the price each time it's used? Is it also possible to have it always associated with the object so that whenever we open a new plan using our template that we wouldn't have to input the pricing each time we start a new drawing? For example I have a plan that I started from our template and it already has the pricing information for example GFCI outlets and 4" down recessed lights without me having to input it with each new drawing. 2. Is it at all possible to put the formula used to calculate an objects total cost into a custom field for an electrical schedule? For example if there was (4) GFCI outlets at $50 each used in the plan and the schedule shows a custom field for the total cost would be $200. I know this may be out CA capabilities but I just want to confirm it's not possible to do without doing a ton of prep work each time we start a new set of plans. I've searched all over for information to help with this situation and can't seem to find answers. I just want to make sure I'm correct when I tell the cost evaluator it's not possible without inputting the information in prior to starting each set of plans. Thanks
  14. In X13 it now automatically clips cabinet countertop overhangs when they butt against an appliance. Is there a workaround for this feature? While it's fine for against ranges or regular refrigerators, it also happens for under the counter refrigerators too. Even if the height is 34" or less it still clips it.