Got Sketchup? Will you do this for me? Need a good pool table symbol.

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I use the free SU Make 2017, which limits me when trying to use the 3D Warehouse.  If you've newer Sketchup, and can download this one from the Warehouse, then import it into Chief and post the calibz file, I would be much obliged.


Pool Table | 3D Warehouse (


If you could save it in the 2017 version, it would be a huge bonus.  I was given a set of slates for a pro-8 size table 30 years ago and used them to scratch-build a table in cherry, in a really cool art-deco style.  With the SU model, I could re-do all the trim and legs to match what I built.


The ones available in the bonus libraries do not do it for me.


Either way.  Just the Chief .calibz, or both.  Thanks.

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Hey Gene, I'm not sure if this worked 100% because I'm using my old laptop which cant view in 3d since the update but here is the file imported into CA and then saved as a .calibz.

Hope this helps. 

pool table.calibz

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